Do Dogs Have Boogers And Pick Their Nose?


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Lynne Dwyer answered
Ewwwwwwwwwwww! I think they just shake it out. Like slobber.
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Lynne Dwyer
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I just saw this, off the right of this page.
Nose Picking
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Z Ravenelle Profile
Z Ravenelle answered
Lol funny question...
I have a dog; and he does have buggars hehe but he does not pick his nose he rubs it on surfaces though which I guess counts.
Hayley Martin Profile
Hayley Martin answered
Very funny! I've never seen my dog pick his nose either, but he does rub it on blankets some times. His eye boogers are worse than his nose, though. I think to "pick" it though, a dog would have to have fingers...
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Well....ive never seen my dog pick his nose but I just thought maybe its possible or...maybe its not?

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