What Causes Black Boogers In Your Nose?


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Black boogers in the nose can be the result of a serious condition in cats. Cats are the animals that are known to have black and bloody boogers when they either have a breathing problem, an infection or even lung cancer. There are a number of conditions that you should consider.

  • Nasal infections
You mentioned that there are black boogers coming from your pet's nose. In the case of a cat, this may be due to the fact that they are suffering from breathing problems or an infection. Along with the mucus, there may be other symptoms you could have noticed such as lethargy, sudden weight loss, bleeding from the nose or even swelling of the nose. In this case you should consult a vet as soon as possible.

  • Cancer
Unfortunately signs of black and bloody mucus could be the sign of lung cancer. If a cat is suffering from a tumor then they may experience constant coughing fits which in turn can produce bloody mucus from the nose. The symptoms do differ depending on where the tumor is. Also, it is quite likely that a tumor situated in one part of the cat's body may spread to the lungs. It is relatively common for a cat with bone or skin cancer to have the tumor spread to their lungs.

  • Eye infections
I'm aware you mentioned mucus was excreting from the nose but in some cases cats can experience this through the eyes as well. If this occurs it is usually down to an eye infection which can be treated. They may also suffer from swelling around the eyes as well as redness.

I must encourage you to speak to a veterinarian in this instance because we are not authorized to give a medical diagnosis.
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Unless the black is really dried blood,
it's nothing to worry about.  There are
tiny hairs inside each nostril that act as
a filter and a thin coating of mucus  
If you've been, say digging a hole
and it's dusty, those hairs have done their
job by keeping the dust from going any
farther than that and the mucus holds on to it.   
Of course, both can collect only so much,
but I believe you get the point.

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