How Can I Stop My Cat From Digging In My House Plants?


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You should have small plants, in small planters and keep a spray bottle around to spray the cat with just plain water from the bottle. As you know, cats hate water, this is one of the best ways to teach a cat not to do something.

But when you discipline the cat don't spray them so that the cat associates you with the discipline, but just the spray bottle with the discipline.

Sorry, I haven't answered sooner, I have company right now. Normally, if I am on I will try to answer if I can. With the simpler down to earth questions, I don't usually answer about computers, or Internet questions.

I love cats, so I know a lot about them. I am tiggersmom, nice to have someone new on the site. Welcome. Good luck.
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I heard that if you add coffee grounds on top of the dirt this will stop them and it is also good for your houseplants.
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Perhaps the problem it that it smells good to them? Ive seen with some cats when they smell a good smelling plat they like to get it all over themselves to get the smell of them.

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