My Chicken Has A Runny Nose. What Is The Best Treatment, And Are There Any Products That I Can Buy To Treat It? If So, What Are They?


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There are a couple of different illnesses that can cause your chicken to get a runny nose, and so picking the correct medication really depends on getting a proper diagnosis first.

If your chicken is just suffering from a flu or cold (which they are prone to, just like you and I), then it's possible that something like Citricidal Liquid Grapefruit seed extract might do the trick.

What can I do about my chicken's runny nose?
There are several ailments that could be causing your chicken's runny nose, including certain types of respiratory infection.

Although the best way to work out what's wrong with your chicken's nose would be to take it to a vet, you can narrow down the possible conditions from which it might be suffering by looking for other symptoms. has a really good guide to giving your chicken a quick check-up yourself - and if you're looking for sites that sell chicken-specific medication, a retailer like might be a good option. also have a good article on the kind of medical equipment you should stock for day-to-day use in looking after your chickens. Definitely worth a read if you're interested in the well-being of your poultry.
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If your chicken has a runny nose, first you need to remove her from the other chickens.

This could be a sign of avian bird flu. If this is not that flu, then there will be no harm in isolating it from other chickens.

Contact the local agriculture office, they should be able to test it for avian bird flu.
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Your hen probably has a disease called rhienotraccittis. No cure, but it can recover (if strong enough) with antibiotics.

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