Does anyone have any experience with chickens that eat their own eggs? And do you know then what to do about it?

We called my cousin, and she said "chicken stew." However these are pets, Sophie and Charlotte, and they are the matriarchs of the prairie, they are quite old... 

So chicken dumplings is out of the question, rather we are needing chicken therapy?


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As always I found your question very intriguing, I found the below link and I hope it helps. They did say it's a hard habit to break once they start.

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Virginia Lou
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Dear DragonFly,
That is indeed a very interesting link...the clean fluffy part my friends are doing already, as these two pampered hens have a regular chicken Hilton for their pen...

But some parts I am going to copy out, and give to my friends. For instance, I have noticed myself that Sophie and Charlotte lay eggs with thin shells (this was before the eating problem), so the part about the oyster shell and even cleaning baking and crushing egg shells is definitely worth a try.

Plus there is some other real, first-hand experience that people have given in the link...very helpful, ty
dragonfly forty-six
You're welcome. :))
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Yes, chickens will eat their own eggs. When I raised chickens, I often would break a couple that were cracked or small on the floor for them....I also took this as a sign that they needed some oyster shell in their scratch feed!

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Lard Ass
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Feed stores will certainly have it Virginia, it's actually better to go there!
Virginia Lou
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Angela, I just now stopped by...there is a little feed store here in Tenino, and they have a shipment of chicken oyster shell coming in tomorrow and only a few bucks for 5#...which is perfect size for Sophie and Charlotte...
Lard Ass
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That's great! I hope it helps them!
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You need a big Rooster to come in and take care of business ! LOL

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Take the eggs away as soon as possible and try to get another chicken to 'foster them'

My husband was brought up on a farm and he said they do that.

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