My 8 Week Old Puppy Started Making Sounds Like He Is Choking, But Is Playful And Drinking Water. What Do I Need To Do ?


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Is he choking again and again? It's possible he ate something that temporarily got stuck in his throat, but has now passed. If he is drinking water, then the throat has probably cleared up and you don't need to worry.

To be on the safe side, pick him up and monitor his breathing rate. If he seems to be breathing fine, then get a treat and give it to him. If he swallows this, then there is no blockage that you need to be worried about.

If the choking happen again, take your puppy to the local vet.

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Thanks he has been drinking and eating, but he still has really bad bouts of what sounds as if he is choking, and i am wondering if its a kinda of cough. I am going to take him to the vet tomorrow though.
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If there is a rasping sound, there could be a cough. The best idea is to go to a local vet.
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Does it sound like a hacking or coughing sound?  I just found out that same thing with my dog is called a backwards sneezing.....sounds weird but its caused by allergies, and or maybe something in the nostril.  I would have him checked to be safe.  Hope this helps.

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