Can I Give Pepto Bismol To My Eight-Month-Old Yorkie? She's Had Recurring Diarrhoea For A Few Days Now.


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You should be wary of giving your dog any kind of medication (especially if it's still young). Without the advice of your vet, it is easy to get the doses wrong, because dogs vary so much in size.

More importantly, I'd say that, if your puppy has had diarrhoea for more than a day or so, then you should take her to the vet straight away.

Small dogs and puppies can dehydrate very quickly under these circumstances, especially if they are not eating or drinking properly.

The longer you leave this problem without going to the vet, the greater the chances are that your pet will require more expensive and invasive treatment, so I'd urge you to act quickly.

Treating Mild Stomach Upsets in Dogs
If your dog is vomiting or has diarrhoea, and hasn't been suffering for more than a couple of days, she can be given Pepto Bismol to help settle her stomach. Give her one teaspoon for every five pounds of her body weight, every six hours.

It's vital to make sure that your dog drinks water. Use a syringe to squirt water into her mouth if she won't drink from her bowl. It's very important to replace the fluids lost through vomiting and diarrhoea.

If the symptoms persist, or worsen, then you must take your dog to the vet immediately.
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I would not give your dog Pepto Bismol as it is unlikely to cure the diarrhoea.  Diarrhoea that is not mild and self-limiting (does not resolve in two days) needs medical treatment. 

There may be an underlying cause for the diarrhoea like intestinal parasites, bacterial overgrowth, or parvo virus (if she is not up to date on vaccines).  Have your dog examined by a veterinarian.

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