My Cat Can Not Eat, It Seems To Pain Him To Do So. He Has Only Drank Milk For The Past Few Days. I Think He May Have Been In A Fight.What Should I Do?


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This kind of thing is hard to work out exactly what the issue is - does he flinch when you stroke around his stomach area or wince when you touch a certain place? He could also have some issue with his teeth, either way its prob best to get him down to the vets if he doesnt improve.
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Listen to the Cowboy!

Every now and then pinch some skin and pick it up, and then release it. When you do this you are checking to see if he is dehydrated! And the skin should spring back in place!
If it is slow or stays up along time then you don't have long!

And the treatment is get the plastic part of a needle, and take the needle off, and clean it out good.

Then get some room temperature Gatorade and fill it up and squirt it DOWN the cat's throat, and FORCE feed it!

This will rehydrate it and give it nourishment in SECONDS just like a shot!
OH! This will not hurt the animal, BUT it WILL keep him alive!
It sound like some thing other than a fight!

Do you you have GREEN coolant in your radiator? Is there some on your drive way?
If yes! Put down cat litter to absorb it, and keep it there from now own.
Dogs and Cats LOVE it and it is deadly poison!

The reason I'm saying this is first the cat refused food and wanted milk! Well milk is Mother Natures antidote for most poisons, and Mother Nature was guiding him! Next his stomach is VERY upset and there is not much you can do, but keep the animal from dehydrating for that WILL KILL him fast, and Gatorade take care of that in seconds.
Next just keep it up till HE WANTS to eat, and pray!
I hope I'm wrong!

Good luck! God Bless!

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I have a similar thing. My tries to eat takes a few bites and tries to swallow then stops. She will drink some water. She will lay in front of her bowl as if that will help. What can I do to help we are very low on funds and cant afford a vet. I can do a lot at home, I have given shots to my animals and such is this going to require blood work or is there a home remedy.

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