I Have A Woodpecker Drilling Holes In My Painted Cedar Siding,is It Trying To Nest Or Looking For Insects?


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Poor you. First off, all woodpeckers are protected by federal law, so you can't harm them or trap them (and I don't believe you would). I would recommend trying to get the with a spray nozzle water hose. Next, nail metal or plastic sheeting over the area where the woodpeckers are drilling. You can use chicken wire or mesh, placing it over the already pecked area so that the woodpeckers won't have access to the wood. Since they do drill redwood or cedar, and they drill for insects, you might want to have your home checked for termites as they are insect hunting. Good Luck.
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thanks for the info ,but i didn't say anything about trapping or harming them,also i have over 1000 sq ft of siding just on the front of my home,so plastic or chick wire is CRAZY,still thank you again cabinet
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I know you didn't say anything about trapping them , that's why I wrote the phrase "and I don't believe you would". If you were that kind of person, you probably would have already taken action instead of seeking opinions on blurtit. You're rite with respect to that size home, chicken wire is out of the question.

So, if you can't beat em.... join em! =)
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I suggest that you crush a moth ball into the site. It will run bird and bug both off. I lived in a trailer that a wood pecker visited like clockwork... Hard to believe that they, too, have a schedule... ANYWAY... 6 am every morn, he'd stop by to sharp in his pecker... Nonstop I rose to his occasion. I ended up stalking this bird with the hose... Then I did the mothball trick, n went to bed...

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