My Goldfish Is Turning Red, Is He Sick?


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Try to be more specific. Does he have red streaks running along his fins? If so then it sounds like hemorrhagic septicemia. There are treatments for this. Some great websights to look at for more detailed info are  and Two meds I have always gotten good results from are Pimafix and Melafix.
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I'm having a similar problem with my goldfish. Restocked tank, ich arrived, treated ich with half-doses, had only been at it a few days when there was a big fish die-off. I hate Rid-Ich, it killed two of my favorites last time, too. In any case, my white goldfish has become kind of pink and inflamed-looking and is blood-red around its fins. It also has changed its behavior from pretty chill and foraging for food to swimming constantly and seeming agitated.

Looking it up, it sounds like a water quality issue. Either nitrite or ammonia poisoning. Daily water changes and a filter change were what was recommended. I'd look into getting a water test kit (as I will be doing) or taking a water sample to a fish store to have it tested, just to be certain.

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Majority of goldfish in my tank, scales have turned a bloody red, eyes are cloudy, hover in bottom corner of tank, not very active (only when feeding) Tail rot. Bought 4 new fish for tank (goldfish) two weeks ago but sickness has only happened over weekend?? Need advice on how to cure as one has died already?
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Bright red? It's not sick. Its something you have to care much more better. There's a medicine for this.


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