My Bulldog Is Drooling Like Crazy, Is He Sick?


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How old is he? If younger, he could be getting his adult teeth in. Is he drooling more than normal? Bulldogs are a breed that drool. However, if you have had him and notice he is drooling more then usual, then you need to watch him. Does he have any other symptoms such as tremors, lethargy, vomiting or refusal of food?
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I have never seen a bulldog that didn't drool, but if you're worried ask a vet or you can look online for some information.
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Lol... Those dogs drool a lot... But if it is more than normal give him some chicken noodle soup... It will help him with whatever...
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All of the bulldogs I have seen drooled so much that you would slip if you stepped in it. Don't worry it is normal. If he chews on your shoes be careful when stepping into them your foot might get soaked.

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