My Black Lab Has Bald Spots On Her Tail And Her Rearend. What Do You Suggest It Is?


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There is a product in pet stores called sulfide. Is a sulfur liquid- It will help out on the hotspots (the vet calls em hotspots) Treatment a cup times a day, get those fleas taken care of, and she (he) will be as good as new
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My one year old black lab just had seven babies. Three weeks after giving birth she started balding. What is wrong with her?
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Our chocolate lab had a bald tail for a while. He was also very lethargic. Getting some blood work done the issue turned out to be very low thyroid. Once we got him on the prescription his hair grew back and his energy level increased substantially.
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Flea allergy season is upon us, my dog has to have steroids and an allergy shot, also we put advantage on her and spray the yard and home. Your dog is at the right age for developing allergies, so take her to the vet for determining what it is and what the best course of action is. Also FYI allergies can be inherited through bloodline.
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Is she itching them? Could be a flea bite allergy if that's the case. Usually when there is hair missing, it's because the dog is taking it off but scratching or biting. Check her and the pups THOUROGHLY for fleas. One flea can make her go crazy. If you don't see any, try bathing her in flea shampoo and putting something like Front-line, Advantage or Advantix on her. See if that helps in a couple weeks.

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