My Dog Has A Lump On His Underarm, Its Size Of Half A Golf Ball Fluid No Pain,any Idea?


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Any growth or mass on the skin or within the skin of dog is called lumps. These can be of different size and types. There are following possibilities
  1. Lipomas: These are most common types of lumps and are characterized by painless, soft and round shape.  Usually located under the skin.  they don't spread to other areas of the body. They don't harm the dog and not treated. But some large lipomas  cause irritation and hence removed by the vet.
  2. Sebaceous cyst. These cysts are made up of dead cells, sweat or clear fluid. They also don't require treatment because they rupture themselves and healed. Sometimes they become infected and need medical attention to treat with antibiotics.
  3. Cancerous lumps. This can be identified by your vet.
So seek a medical attention for your dog to get treatment if it is dangerous lump.
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These lumps are usually harmless  in the initial phase, but later with the passage of time they can create complications. You must go for the tests as they can make clear that whether they are the harmless ones or not. They can even of cancer so without wasting any time go for a vet for proper diagnosis as precautionary measures.

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