Dog Threw Up Worms, Can You Help?


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Sound like your dog has got a big case of round worm you need to get treatment for your dog drontal is a good medication for this panacure too is also a good one take your dog to the vets and he/she will give you the correct dosage .hope everything goes ok as this can be a serious case if it gets too far gone we rescued our dog and bred from her not knowing she had roundworm and when I read up on it the worm stays in bitches tissues and in the last few weeks of pregnancy will infect her pups so they will be born with them too we found this out the hard way as all our pups died from them it attacked there liver and stopped there growth
good luck
please don't ignore this as it can be quite serious
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Kevin Johnson answered
That means he has tape worms in his belly laying eggs and stuff. You better take him to a doctor because he can get a disease and might die..

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