Why Is My Dog Lazy And He Threw Up?


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Laziness in dogs is taken for the lethargy. Lethargy is delayed response to external stimuli. Vomiting in dogs can cause lethargy due to loss of water, foods and salts through vomiting. You should have mentioned that how many times in a day your dog is vomiting? If your dog is throwing up frequently and also not eating along with lethargy then take him to vet for diagnosis and treatment. Following are some common causes of vomiting in dogs.

1. Stress and anxiety
2. Gastritis
3. Intestinal parasites
4. Ear infection
5. Heat stroke
6. Excess gastric acidity
7. Overeating
8. Eating rapidly
9. Exercise after taking meals
10. Food allergies
11. Changes in diet
12. Eating of grass or garbage
13. Gastrointestinal obstruction
14. Intestinal and gastric tumors
15. Liver disease
16. Kidney disease
17. Adrenal gland disease

So, you should get advice from your local vet by taking your dog to him.

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