My Siberian Husky Keeps Gagging And Threw Up Twice. I Was Wondering If She Swallowed Anything That Is Making Her Gag/ Can You Help?


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Gagging in dogs is normal response against mucus or any thing that stuck up in the throat. Many conditions can cause excessive mucus production like

1. Bacterial or viral infection
2. Allergies
3. Anatomical abnormalities
4. Tonsillitis

If your dog has swallowed some thing that choked the throat then your dog will not only gag but also drool, will have labored breathing and swallowing problems. This condition can also cause regurgitation and anxiety. These chocking materials can be anything like food, toys, bone, wood etc.

Nobody can help your dog at home because treatment depends upon accurate diagnosis what to know what actually has happened. This can be investigated by vet. So, take your dog to vet.

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