Can You Catch Round Worms From A Dog Licking You Picking Up Their Poo Or Cleaning Up Their Throw Up That Had Worms In It?


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And never ever lick a dog's anus.
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Theoretically you could catch worms in any of these ways, if the dog's saliva, poo or vomit has worm eggs in it AND you did not wash your face (if licked) and hands before eating.  I would imagine that most people are particular enough about hygiene to wash their hands after clearing up poo or vomit, but you never know!  The best preventative is to ensure that the dog is regularly wormed, this treatment is not at all expensive.  A dog that has been wormed cannot infect you.
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And never flush worms or their eggs down your toilet because this could effect our water supply instead bin them in a plastic bag or burn them in a garden bonfire.

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