4 Month Old Dog Weak Throwing Up ,diarrhea,vomiting,What's Wrong?


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Sounds like parvo, very very contagious to other dogs, can be fatal. And needs to be taken to the vet right now. Call the vet, if it's night most vets will come in, they have an emergency service. It's not anything that will get better on its own. It needs to be treated than vaccinated!!! IT WILL KILL YOUR DOG! Don't wait.
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Get your dog to a vet.  Now!!!!
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Get it to a vet ,sounds bad, that is not good, could have parvo, check for blood when it goes to the bathroom,try chicken broth to drink, lots of water to drink
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You need to check with a vet. If it is parvo, you can't treat it by yourself. If it is not parvo, you need to find out what it is. If you wait, you will probably lose your dog.
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Get to a vet ASAP, do not let this go on, if it's parvo you could lose your animal
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Get it to a vet NOW because I just lost my 4 month old puppy today
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Yea, my 5 month old pit ate some strange stuff, vomited yesterday and has been acting weak and sleepy ever since.... HE wont eat, but he will drink a little water
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Please see your vet straightaway and do not waste time asking Blurters, who cannot even see your animal and are not qualified to say what is wrong. Only a vet can do that. Please take him today. Please let me know. Thank you.

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