Can I Give My Dog Human Vitamins?


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Human multivitamins, also including prenatal vitamins, should never be given to dogs.  They contain too many vitamins in different quantities for accurate canine dosage to be achieved.  Multivitamins that include IRON can cause DAMAGE to a dog’s digestive system, kidneys and liver.
Joint Supplements
Glucosamine and certain other human joint supplements may be fed to dogs, if provided you choose a brand without additives.  Compare the list of ingredients and the dose per tablet to a joint supplement for dogs before buying.  ALWAYS consult with a veterinarian before adding a supplement to your dog’s diet.
As a occasional remedy for upset tummy, human acidophilus capsules can be given to your dog.  If prolonged daily supplementation is necessary, purchase a probiotic supplement formulated for dogs, or choose commercial dog food that contains a probiotics. (Yogurt has natural acidophilus in it, and can be given to your dog… provided it’s a Plain Yogurt, and without additive chemical sugars (such as nutria-sweet or xylitol (which is toxic to dogs)
Fish Oil
Fish oil supplements for humans are suitable for dogs, as long as they contain pure fish oil, preferably wild Alaskan salmon oil, with no additives. Talk to your vet in order to calculate the proper dosage. You may need to buy a jar of liquid oil, rather than capsules, in order to achieve a low enough dose for small dogs.
Never give human prescription medication to dogs, unless it is prescribed to your dog by a veterinarian. Prescription medications, like antibiotics and pain relievers, may be safe for humans but harmful to dogs.
Some vitamins can simply be added to your dog's diet through whole food sources. For example, probiotics are found in live-culture yogurt. Omega fatty acids are found in fish such as salmon and other fish.
This was given to me by my Veterinarian when I asked about adding a vitamin to my dog’s diet.  I have given her Omega 3, and Joint Supplements.  But, as for a multivitamin, her food diet has enough of a daily vitamin.  I also have given her live-active acidophilus yogurt, usually a plain organic yogurt I mix it with her food if we are changing her diet.  She’s also fed a non-grain diet.  But, as in anything always consult with your Veterinarian if you want to add supplements to your dog’s diet.
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Some sorts of human vitamins can be used for dogs but not all, also you should never give them too many. Just a healthy diet will keep good health to your dog.
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You shouldn't give human vitamins to your dog because it could make him sick and he can even die. Please don't doe this I'm a dog expert
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My vet had me give my dog a flinstone vitamin once a day because she cannot take dog vitamins. She is allergic to beef and dog vitamins are usually beef flavored.
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Human vitamins is on a list of 25 Human Foods Toxic to Dogs.

Particularly those with high iron content may damage the liver.  Elsewhere there is concern expressed for Vitamin D overdose.
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Thank you so much for that info. I am a fist time dog owner and was unaware of that list of 25 things NOT TO GIVE YOUR DOG.
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Yeah its a bad idea.  I once gave my Coon Hound ten vitamin C tablets because he had a runny nose (and a bit of a cough) and he went ballistic for days.  So leave off the vitamins - I'm going to him on try Lemsip Cold & Flu next time.
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The studies show that you should not give dogs the human vitamins. Just as dog's food is different from human beings. The same way we should not give human vitamins to dogs. It can cause medical problems to dogs.
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No, You can't apply every human vitamin to a dog because some vitamins would be dangerous for dogs and their body system, Because some features of a dog's body and human body are different   it could be un-healthy for a dog. But lots of kind of vitamins are available for dogs.

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