How Can I Train My Dog To Attack And To Defend


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Finding the right dog   Hi I have a blue pit-bull who will attack anyone who she feels is endangering my life.  Make sure when you pick the dog you have a sock wave the sock around the dogs mouth if they bit it and hang from it this mean they like to bite and chew with is good if you want a protective dog.  Grab your dog by there neck and pick them up make sure that they don't cry or yelp they will get use to this this teaches them to protect themselves first, then grad  there back legs and shake them if you do this and they growl or bark or bite this means they do have an aggressive side.

  Walking the dog

When you walk the dog keep them very close so they know that they are to stay by your side at all times. Then if you see a crowd of people don't let anyone who isn't family or a close friend pet your dog this will let the dog know who is your friend and who they should keep and eye on but the best way is to not let anyone pet them, and have them around lots and lots of people but know one gets to pet or talk to them then they understand that these are not there friends.

  Making a punk dog into a vicious meaner lol

Two words Gun Powder this makes a dog go mad just put a little into there food bowl and in three weeks your dog will be ready for the previous steps above  so get out there and find some.

Oooo just to kill two birds with one stone if your dog eats to fast put a rock in the middle of the food bowl and they will have to eat around the food. I know it was random but my dog has the same problem.

AMIR C. - I'm awesome for those who think that I am wrong know just meet my dog and see.
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You are awesome to many rats, thieves, snitches, punks and horrible dogs around... I don't even know who true friends are but your dog does... Sissy people think it's horrible to have a dog that will attack. What if I'm asleep and can't grab your gun and I have a sissy dog... I get robbed and die. People are stupid and think nothing will happen to them... Wake up people you wouldn't survive in my state of KY!
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There has to be two people in one room one friend that the dog does not know and you and your friend should put a mask on that would make the dog growl and then you keep telling your dog the command and kinda push it forward till it snaps at your friend an keep doing it till the dog gets the hang of it
your welcome
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Guard dog training is a very specific and intensive training procedure. Also not every dog is suitable for this kind of training.. You risk encouraging dangerous aggression behavior by attempting this in an uncontrolled environment without the direct supervision of a skilled k-9 trainer who will have previously assessed your dogs suitability to this kind of training.
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It's not easy to teach a puppy something like that. If you really want a good "guard dog", then you really should contact an obedience school.

They are very good for the dog to learn from, and they teach you the ropes on how to keep them behaving for you.

From there, after they learn behavior, the dog is obedient enough to learn the commands. You don't want a dog to just attack when you say that, because someone might inadvertently say your word, and cause the dog to attack someone, you don't want that to happen. Hope this helps.
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Hey dude,
I was also trying to train my dog (chewie) to attack on command and doing more things like roll, play dead and such.

I tried all the tips I got from people, but most of them never worked..
The only thing I actually managed to train him is to sit and not pee in the house.
I did that by an advice from a friend, which told me that when ever the chewie is waking up,
I have to take him outside for a short walk, since after he wakes up he need to pee and poo :).

When I almost gave up on chewie, a friend came to me and sayd that he had the same problems with the dog ( like chewing the chairs and such things ),
he recommended me a book, that he told me he used to train he's own dog with.
The book name is Secrets to dog Training and the Author of the book is Daniel Stevens.

Now chewie behaves like a soldier and can perform all kind of tricks, which I never imagined he could ever do!
I'm proud to say that chewie is part of my family now....

Good Luck with your own dog,
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You should never do that cause your dog can be put down!! Dogs can sense intruders if they are pure strangers to them they have good sense when to back or warn   them off like my dog even tho his a king charles his very protective around me and my family!!! If I was you I would be ashamed to use your dog as an attacker even though it's for safety there the ost lovable creatures out of all and if you make them vicious your dog could turn against you and you won't be able to trust him or her any more so be careful!!!!!!
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Be careful with what you ask for. Be aware of the laws in your state. Some states say you have to have your dog registered as a weapon if you have a trained attack dog. The key word is TRAINED. Obedience training is first and foremost. You MUST have COMPLETE control of your dog at ALL times. I would suggest you contact your local police department and ask them about who you can contact in your area about responsibly training your dog. Attack dogs are not lovable pets, they are trained employees. This is why you must have complete control and be able to call your dog OFF of someone in the event they may attack one of your friends or family members.
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Tessy you clearly did not take on board the advice offered to your previous question. Why do you feel you need your dog to attack people? May I suggest, and I mean this kindly, that you go to self-defense classes to improve your own confidence?
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Don't train it to attack. Train it to bark at intruders as a deterant. A dog if trained to attack can at some point turn on its handler
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I have a jack russell you guys probeable havent hear of them and I need to train him like how to sit be a guard dog  plz help
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You guys r dumm just becomes really good friends with your dog then if anything attachs you he will attack out of repesct
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Well, I'm not going to pass judgement, but really you shouldn't be training your dog to attack people, especially since any animal that causes physical harm to a human can, by law, be put down.

But anyway, if you really did want to pursue this, I'd recommend getting in touch with local dog training schools (though I believe that you will have a hard time finding one that will assist you in teaching a dog these things). The only organisation that I am aware of, in my country anyway, that will train dogs as attack dogs is the Police Dog Unit.

If, on the other hand, you are talking more of a guard dog, then you should probably note that most "guard" type dogs will be of a breed that is of a certain defensive temperament that will lead them to bark at intruders and defend their territory, thus leading them to be aggressive towards what they deem to be intruders. There's going to be a very fine line here, though, as dogs aren't as intelligent as us, and won't always nesc differentiate between a genuine "intruder" and, eg, the mailman!

Finally, you say your dog is a "loveable puppy". Like most animals, young dogs will just be playful, nice creatures and not really wish any harm on anyone else. Perhaps if you take the time now to establish a loving, trusting bond with your dog, then in the future should it ever be nesc for him to defend you, he will do so out of locality, rather than because he's been conditioned to react in a certain way?
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You must be joking. How dangerous and irresponsible are you? You should not even have a dog.

Attack dogs aren't pets, they must be locked up and muzzled at all times. Obviously you aren't a dog trainer because you've asked a completely ignorant question.

Even police K-9's aren't attack dogs, they're trained to attack and defend, but their handlers have complete control over them and go through months of training to be able to handle such a dog. You have to understand dog psychology before you can even begin to control such a strong willed and powerful dog.

What is your motive? Home defense? If so a dog that barks is plenty it doesn't need to also attack an intruder, dog barking is enough of a deterrent to scare criminals away. Is your motive to have a fighting dog? Well, this is illegal and now you've put evidence into cyberspace where it will always remain so when you get caught and they do the investigation there will be plenty of evidence against you.

Rethink your plans and please don't get a dog. If you already have one do like one of the other posters suggested and turn it over to the humane society, you shouldn't be a dog owner.
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DON'T!! You will end up not being able to control it and you will have a law suit on your hands.
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Have a friend the dog doesn't know take something then shout at the badguy! The dog might attack.
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Quickly Give It to your local Humane Society,
That is the quickest way to teach it to attack.
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You should try to do this, get something to put meat in and let your dog try that it might work or something I'm not an expert well it might help

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