How Do I Help My Dog Go Into Labor? She Is Going Very Slow. Can You Help?


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Should I help my dog go into labor? She is going very slowly.

You should do nothing, unless your dog is experiencing pain or complications. In this case, a vet will have to be called.

The first stage of labor can last anything between six to eighteen hours, so you can expect a long wait!

This length of time is perfectly normal. Once the first stage of labor is complete, the rest of the process will take much less time.

  • The first stage of labor is characterised by the dilation of the cervix and the start of contractions. During this period, your dog will become very restless, and will begin to pace, shiver and pant.
  • During the first stage of pregnancy, it is essential that you let your dog find a calm and quiet place to settle down. Keep an eye on her, but try not to disturb her.
  • The second stage of labor begins when the water breaks. This stage is when the puppies are actually born and their placentas ejected.
  • The third stage of pregnancy follows the birth of the last puppy, and involves the removal of any remaining placenta or fluids from your dog's body.
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You should not do anything to induce or speed up the process of labor in your dog, because there are more complications by doing this instead of waiting for few more hours. Patience will be fruitful for you.

If your dog is straining for puppies and shaking without any result for the last 2 hours, then take her to the vet immediately.

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