Does Burn Motor Oil Work To Treat Mange?


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Burnt motor oil won't work so well to treat mange, but regular car oil will do as long as you don't get it into their eyes and just let it stay for a few hours and rinse it off. The best way to treat mange is still to seek the advice of a vet who can properly advise you with the right way to go about curing it.

• Mange is a parasitic disease caused by mites who embed themselves in the skin or hair follicles of an animal. Those commonly affected by mange are domestic dogs, cats, livestock, and wild animals. When it occurs in humans, this condition is known as scabies.
• There are two kinds of domestic mange that can occur: Domestic mange and sarcoptic mange. Domestic mange is also known as red mange, and happens to dogs as a result of an overpopulation of the Demodex canis parasite. This usually occurs when the animal has a low immune system and cannot fight the parasites on his own. On the other hand, sarcoptic mange, also known as canine scabies, is an extremely contagious infestation of a parasite called Sarcoptes scaibei canis, which is a burrowing mite. The mite can infest other animals such as cats, horses, sheep, and other animals as well as humans.
• If a dog is diagnosed with demodectic mange, there is no need to isolate him from other dogs as it is not contagious, except when a mother dog has it and the puppy suckles from her. Once weaning is done, there is no contagion of the disease. For Sarcoptic mange, dogs will need to be isolated from other dogs and any place that they occupy should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
• Sulfurated lime, Selamectin, and Ivermectin are popular and effective treatments for mange.

It is always best to consult a vet who can advise the best way to treat mange for your dog.
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Burnt motor oil works! It's an old remedy that's been around long before vets that have a vested interest in hiding and deriding simple inexpensive cures from the public. I had a black Lab I rescued from the pound that had severe mange and the vet wanted to first run an expensive test to see if it might be treatable or terminal mange. That's right, "terminal" he said. He then offered the option of euthanizing the dog right then. All his options involved a lot of money. He saw that I would not bite for the expensive route so he sold me a  mange medicine for $25 which I used but it didn't work. I then remembered what my grandpa did with mangy dogs so I chained the dog to a tree, coated him down good with used motor oil and let it work for 12 hours. I then shampooed him the best I could (motor oil is real stubborn) and turned him loose. Presto magic, the mange was immediately cured. His hair grew back slicker than ever and he was healthy and lived a full life. These idiots who try to scare you regarding using motor oil are just shills for the vets. Put your money in your pocket and save your pet from misery and death.
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I totally agree with the option of using used motor oil, I also cured my small dog from mange.  His hair grew back in no time, I was very happy to know that home treatments like these are so effective and inexpensive.
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I remember as a kid we would use motor oil for mange on our dogs.  As far as toxic chemicals just breathing today is toxic. With motor oil one treatment and it is gone forever.
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It may be nasty, but I've done it and it worked.
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There isn't actually a cure for demodex as it has to do with t-cells and the immune system and the actual dog itself. As far as clearing up a bout of it, you should speak to your vet about ivomec (can not be given to some breed's) or interceptor (safer). They are effective. Your pup may need some antibiotics for secondary infection. If it's generalized you may want to look for an underlying immune disorder.
No. Motor oil will not take care of it (old wilves tale) but you may poison your dog. The sulpher you ask about is usually lyme dip (topical NOT ingestion). Again, you should know how to use it and it is more complicated and takes longer to clear up if it works and you could cause your dog injury or discomfort (on top of what they are already going through) if you make a mistake. There is also the fact that most people can't stand being near the stuff or a dipped dog (you don't rinse it off) and it stain's. The simplest, safest  and quickest way to clear it up is to talk to your vet about using interceptor.
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ABSOLUTELY NOT!  It is a toxic chemical.  Never apply it on your dog.  Your vet can help you solve the mange problem, if, indeed, it is mange.
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I have never known that burnt motor oil could cure mange but you know they just maybe right. I do know that burnt motor oil kills ringworm and that's a fact. Everyone's out to make money.

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