What Are Some Of Your Pets Names?


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Growing up I had Sparky, and Marmaduke, I don't remember the hamster, or the gerbil, but I love cats, so there was King, Fido, and Sasha. Now I have Doggie, Blackie, Oatmeal and Piewacket. Yes Doggie is a cat, she acts like a dog, so hence the nickname. Lol
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Thank you, there was also a Buster, and Oatmeal, has a dual meaning, Oatmeal is good for the heart... He is good for the heart, and so is the food. Thank you again.
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That is such a cool name!! I mean the cat called doggie! Lol :)
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Thank you. I appreciate that.
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I know this question was asked a month ago, but I just saw it and I HAD to answer since I LOVE bragging about my 18 babies!! Here we go...
1.) "Kaos" (17 pounds of huge Orange Kitty - the name says it all!!)
2.) "Little B" (She was born with a curled spine and has no use of her back legs. She is my lil' paralyzed girl that I rescued from a mean lady that simply said "kill her" at an animal hospital I worked at. She is less that 5 lbs. Full grown, gets around better & faster than any cat with use of all 4 legs, and is called Little B b/c she rules the clan - so I bet you can guess what the B stands for lol.
3.) "Boca" (Boca means "Mouth" in italian and he is an Oriental Shorthair and they are known for their constant talking)
4.) "George" (Rescued from euthanasia at 5 weeks old with a broken leg that some idiot was to cheap to treat - so I did! As for the name - "George" is short for Curious George b/c he kinda looks like a monkey & is quite the nosey lil boy)
5.) "Mason" (Rescued from a bar called Mason Street. If I hadn't rescued him, one of the drunk idiots would have made him Mason Street road kill and I couldn't let that happen!)
6.) "Moochie Man" (Rescued from a Bar/Resturant called the Thirsty Moose. The bar is located on a Major highway, and again I was worried about him getting run over. Being a Vet Tech, hit-by-cars happen way too much and I refuse to do nothing to prevent it. The name "Moochie" is because he is always trying to mooch food!)
7.) "Kitt-on" (The only thing she would answer to was Kit or Kit-on and it just stuck. She is a rescue that someone abandoned at an Emergency Hospital I was working at because she is half 75% blind and they didn't want a "defective" cat. Their words, not mine!)
8.) "Punkin" (Also called Punkin' Butt. She was rescued from a crack house (literally) in Newark New Jersey. She is a Calico and has real attitude. The reason for the name is b/c she was born on Halloween. When I got her home, a few weeks later she had 2 kittens.)
9) "Loco" (one of Punkins babies. The name says it all!)
10.) "Stash" (Punkins other baby. Not a very original name I know, but Mom picked it b/c it looks like he has a mustache.)
11.) "Simba" (Got him with his sister "Nala" who was picked up as a newborn kitten by a Great Dane who thought she was a chew toy and she was paralyzed in the back end. She had to have her diaper changed at least 4 times a day and had her own playpen. She passed away and I as well as Simba were heartbroken & still are. I have her ashes on my dresser and I swear he knows its her b/c he stares at the box.)
12.) "Smooshie" (Another one of my Mother's brilliant names. He is a Persian and has a smooshed in face hence "Smooshie." My Mom bought him from a pet store & is still having to listen to my mouth about not rescuing a cat & giving our money to kitty/puppy mills & pet stores that don't treat animals properly.
13.) "Miss Sassy" (Another rescue saved from euthanasia. Little did I know she was going to be so Sassy!! But, I wouldn't trade her (or any of my babies) for all the money in the world!!)

Now the dogs

1.) "Blaze" (a.k.a. "Mr. Fooey" Fooey means "bad" or "no" in German and I was trying to train him in Schutzen which is in all German & I said "Fooey" (no) so many times b/c he is VERY Stubborn, that he started to think his name was Fooey & it just stuck.)
2.) "Angel" (My Yellow Lab who is THE BEST big dog ever! She does not need a leash, just wants to be with you, does not chew anyting she isn't supposed to, never makes in the house, is very gentle... I could go on and on about her!!)
3.) "Sugar" ( a.k.a. "White Dog") My all white boxer that is only 35lbs. Full grown. She has one blue eye & one brown eye & is beautiful. She is very hyper, but she makes up for it by literally hugging you. She puts her front paws up on your shoulders & HUGS & kisses you!)
4.) "Amabella" (a.k.a. "Bella Bean" or "Beaner Neener") My beautiful brindle French Bulldog. I got her to be MY dog that I was going to take everywhere with me, and she ended up being my Mom's dog. Don't know why, but she seems to love my Mom the most.)
And last but NOT least :
"Princess Destiny Dawn" (MY rescued 2.7lb. Chihuahua who is THE CUTEST MOST BEAUTIFUL DOG IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! Most Chihuahua's nip & yap & bite, but not her! She gives kisses to everyone & everything & insists on sleeping UNDER the covers with me!)
Thank you for reading all my babies names!!
Jennifer - VT, Certified ACO
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female gecko-kiwi
Male gecko-tequila
Porcupine puffer- Fry Lock
Green puffer-pickle

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Dog named Waldorf.Cats-(throughout my life,I only have 2 now) Pookie San,Blue,Goober,Schnookums,Cha-Ching,Munchkin,Punky,Tigress and now Damien and Mötley Müe.
My former roommate had a really dumb hamster that we named Hampton.
My boyfriend had dogs named Butch,Judy,Spot,Shep,Fuzz,Happy,Ashworth,Bowser,and Rusty (whom he called Booch).He also had cats named Henrietta,Mustache,Gray,and Two-Face.
I worked for a vet where this guy brought his 2 cats in to board.We put them in cages right next to each other.When you took two steps back,and read their cage cards consecutively,it read "Boo",and "Bee".
Get it? "Boo" "Bee"? LOL.
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I have a king charles spaniel he is called Alfie he is so cute! And about a year back i had a dog called pip but he passed away :( I also have a rabbit called thumper and a guinea pig called blacky (hes black)!
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Hey mines are strange but there still names like inuyasha or tenma or arima or sakura I name all of them after anime people I hope my names gave u suggestions to think outside the box!
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Mickeymouse, zoey, scoobydoo (dogs) pepper,scruffy,cleo,church(cats) horse name bucky. Bird named loletha
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I had 12 hamsters named Humphrey, brookie, angle, midnight, snuggles, eddie, pancake, snowy,peanut, muffin, digger and sandy. Still have 8 of them.
I had 3 gerbils named dixie, pepsi and toto. Still have them.
I had 3 guinea-pigs named perry, squeaker and georgie. Georgie died. Only have 2 now
i had a few cats named dutches, , snowball,harry,twinkie,smokey.
I  had a few fish named teeny, tiny, flipper, disco,santa,Santa's little helper, jelly,kelly,pac-man, jaws,bubbles,bendy tail, goldie, fred, flounder, d-tail and mr fish.
I had two pet rats named chloe and roxie still have them.
I had three dogs named barney, lizzie and zoe. Only have zoe now.
And now  i really want a male leopard gecko.

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