What are some pros and cons of pet Rats?


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Pro - Pet rats can harmless little critters

Cons- They get loose they can get loss in the house

chew furniture, beds, carpet and can even die in the

house by getting stuck in small dangerous places such

as the furnace.

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1. They are very intelligent and friendly.

2. Continuous Entertainment : When they are awake and you go into the room they’ll be climbing the cage, begging to come out, and when you open the door, there’s a fight over who gets out first.

3. Rats are very curious, they
are always getting in things and on things and climbing up stuff.

4. They are generally pretty easy and cheap to look after.

5. If you have only a
small number of rats, their fresh food quota can be simply what you have left over from your


1. Rats are very social and need ratty company.

2.  Rats are very destructive -
they will chew wires, carpets, curtains, bedding and furniture if given half a chance.

3. Rats
will scent mark when they are out - on you and your stuff.

4. They can get quite smelly - some have disgusting habits and pee and poo on their shelves and
in their hammocks, so as well as a weekly clean you will most likely have to clean their
shelves every day

5. Rats can suffer from a number of common things, tumors and respiratory
problems seem to be most prevalent and it can cost a lot in vet’s bills.

Source: The northern bights rats

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