What is the name of your pet?


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Yo Kass answered

I am the chief feeder of two cats: Leo and Louis.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

My Basset Hound is named : Hunter

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Mountain Man answered

I have a Red Heeler named Sadie.

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star gazing answered

A grey tom named Hisser Jr., a black and white girl cat named Cookie, a queen cat that visits regularly (she has a caretaker, she's very well fed)--we call her Cinder, and three kittens: Skippy Jon Jones (my picture, he's ADORABLE), a black kitty named Onyx, and Cookie 2.0 (he's black and white, just like Cookie).

Oh, and two Rottweiler puppies, Dean (the troublemaker) and Sweetie (the little angel). 

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I have a cat named Pocky and a dog named Chloe. ^-^

We used to have a dog named Sizzles but he passed away last week :p

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Tinkerbell St. Basil
I'm sorry for your loss of Sizzles. You seem like you have a big heart and I am sure that one day another dog will find its way into it. 🐶 💖
Dakota  Mackenzie
Dakota Mackenzie commented
I'm actually happy for Sizzles ^-^ it's sad, yes but he was hurting a lot. He kept getting sick over the years he was deaf and later, blind >.
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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

My wife and I have two cats. One is Almond Coconut after the candy bar, Almond Joy. We had him from birth. The second is RumpleStiltSkin after Robert Carlyle's character from Once Upon A Time. He is very dark grey in color. We adopted him after he was abandoned on the vet's doorstep. Best of luck to you!

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Fergie - (girl) Chihuahua, Bobo - (boy) Boxer, Saber- (girl) Pitbull, Shanna- (girl) Shar-Pei, Zues - (boy) Bengal Cat, Zues Jr - (unknown) red eared slider and last but not least Mr. Toad - (Unknown) Toad

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Kioyre S. answered

My Australian cattle dog named Fido (fee-doe, not fye-doe!) :3

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Kioyre S.
Kioyre S. commented
Very cool! But my dog is just fat and lazy -.-
Kioyre S.
Kioyre S. commented
My dog isn't allowed in my house... I've had him for seven years and now he knows very well not to even cross doorways :P He's pretty much a guard dog
Mountain  Man
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That's good because they're very protective too. :)
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Misty Law answered


Hank, Patsy, Naomi, Percy

Dogs: Scruffles, Princess

Cats: Timon, Simba, Panther, Midnight, Eve, Harrieta, Turtle, Ranger, Butterfinger, Lucky, Rocky, Sweetheart, Pistol, Leapord, Demon, Diamond

I have a lot of barn cats.

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Tyson Evans
Tyson Evans commented
You have goats!? That's so cool! :D and I love the names of all your cats... I just, ahh!! cats are adorable...
Not Online Anymore
I love goats, they are funny! My Aunts goat jumps up into the horse feed bowl and sleeps, it's hilarious looking! :))
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My rabbit 's name is Junior but  for the first few weeks he had lots of names until everybody except me lost interest so  I could name him myself.

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You mean my truck and jeep? They're more like my significant others, not pets I guess.. But, their names are classified at the moment😉 I can't have animals, since I'm seriously allergic to them all but fish😂😒😂

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The dog on my avatar is named Princess Arabella and she does her best to live up to that name. I usually just call her Bella, Brat, or Little Girl. (She isn't really little, just the smallest boxer I have owned. Her weight is usually 62-65 lbs. Though she is down to about 60 lbs, right now, because she lost weight after surgery. She is better now and eating like a champ and I am sure she will gain back those few lbs. Soon. Here she is being her normal bratty self.

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