What Dog Is Right For Me?


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Strangely, the dog that we prefer is an extension of our personality. For instance, a sensitive person would prefer a friendly dog. An adventurous and active person will go for a dog that is always on the alert. A person who is laid-back will like a dog that is quiet and doesn't do too much running around.

Some of the breeds of 'intelligent' dogs are the poodle, German shepherd and Belgian Sheepdog. Dogs that are 'chilled-out' and love to sit at one place are Dachshund, French Bulldog, and Manchester Terrier etc. The dogs which kids would love to be with (read cute) are Pug, English Cocker Spaniel and the Basset Hound. Dogs which are friendly are the Old English Sheepdog, Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever among many others. The dogs listed above are purebreds, which mean they are born from the parents of the same breed. You can also go for the 'mutt' which is mixture of different breeds.
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I think by reading this that you should get a dog that best fits you personality, affordable, and makes you and your family comfortable and happy
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If you like really big dogs, I would prefer an English Mastive. They are very big and strong.
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Really, it depends what personality and what kind of the dog you like. If you want a dog, but you can't walk it all time... Well a pug may be ok. Though, every dog mostly need to be walked everyday. If you are too lazy to clean the fur, Akita dog's comes in chunks. Which is easy to clean rather than all over the floor. If you want a dog that is friendly and able to guard the house, a Doberman is a perfect dog. Akitas actually can also guard the house too, but their personality can be pretty stubborn. If you are active and always go out for a jog or walk, a golden retriever is perfect. The effect for retrievers and Labradors are... Their smell. They stink! I'm not saying not to buy them, It's just that you should be aware of their smell. If you want a smaller dog... Beagles, poodles, terriers are great! Hope this helped!
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Chihuahua. They are so cute and cuddly and sweet and swell and cool and nice! Too many things to say!! Ahh!! Well, you should get a Boxer Pitbull. They are such good guard dogs. If someone tries to hurt you, They will save you! But the Welsh Corgi is so cute! But any dog you prefer will do you good. I love all dogs, all animals. YIPPEE!
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Im not sure what dog i want yet. We are looking at the schnoodle and the western terriors(or any sort of terriors). We would like a puppy that is good around families easy to train and that our 9 year old can play with in the garden but we also want a puppy that will curl up in our laps and come to horse shows because our 12 year old is a serious horse back rider. We would like a dog that is like a cockerspaniel size . Do you think a westie or a schnoodle is a good dog for us.
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I dont know if this book is just in the uk, but the book i used to choose a breed of dog was WHAT DOG. Search it on depending on where you live and hey presto, it should pop up. Buy it (or take it out from the library). Read it, then choose your perfect breed. BUT all dogs are different. And although you can use the book as a guideline remember all breeds have the potential to be a brilliant pet, what ever the shape or size!
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Black lab
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It depends which type of dog you are more comfortable with. Small dogs, big dogs, hyper dogs, calm dogs. All types of dogs.
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Dalmatian because they are famous , they got lovely spots and they are very safe breed or dogHope this helps =)
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It all depends on what you like. For me i would get a Shiba Inu because they are an average size, are strong, and are extremely cute!

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