My toy chihuahua won't eat dog food only chicken. What should I do?


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Feed him chicken. :) My dog only eats people food and my mom refuses me to give him any dog food. But if you try just placing the dog food on his dog plate and refuse to give him any chicken for like a day or two then I think he'd start eating his own food. Anyway, good luck!
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Leonie Clifford answered
That is not a problem!  If you have a fussy eater then you may have to experiment a bit to find other foods but I'll back it in your dog will "insist" on the better quality brands such as Orijen (dry)or Merrick canned but hey Chihuahua are special!

If you need some dog food help have a look at a website as it goes through a whole heap of feeding options (including raw - which may be an option here) that you will be able to try on the "fussy" one.

Good luck.

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