Do Hawks Eat Small Dogs?


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Hawks are likely to swoop and snatch small animals from people's gardens so small dogs may be at risk. However, if you have a large dog this may be a good deterrent for hawks because they do not like animals that are bigger than them.

Hawks generally swoop to grab small animals such as chicken and rabbits which is very annoying for farmers; however, they have a positive side to them too. The majority of other birds are afraid of hawks so if there is one in the area, other birds will stay away. In addition, hawks will get rid of any insect problems as well as take away any rodents and snakes.

If you often experience problems with hawks and you have chickens or rabbits that are often stolen by them you could simply put a net over the chicken coup because then they won't have easy access to your chickens. In addition, you can purchase nets that prevent hawks from stealing food, or your animals. This can be used over the feeder and you could even set up food for them in a different location so they don't come near the area where your animals are kept. You could put out bird seed or pieces of meat and fat.

Lastly, you need to remember that you must not under any circumstances kill or harm a hawk because it is a federal offence. If you cause any harm then you could be dealt a huge fine or even given jail time for doing so. You should keep in mind that Federal agents keep track of hawks and despite the problems that may cause to your farm they actually do a lot of positive things, as stated earlier.

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Everyone who is worried about the hawks picking up dogs, cats or infants... Please do be concerned and protect them....when they are flying around above  or close by around the area, you should get them to safety where they cannot swoop down and get them. They are easy prey so they don't care, they will get them and tear them apart and eat them. I know this. Trust These warnings.
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This happened to us today! This very morning. My oldest son was walking the dog and a hawk swooped down and tried to take her. She is resting now with pain meds and antibiotics. Poor dear, she is a little tiny pug puppy. My son stomped at the bird and screamed and it let go of her head and flew off. She was bleeding everywhere. Walk all small fur babies!

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Yes, hawks will eat small dogs.  I live in the middle of downtown Phoenix, Arizona, a huge urban city, and I thought my Chihuahua was safe to sit out in the sun in the backyard, but no she wasn't!  She was sitting next to a big lab dog, and the hawk swooped in and landed right on her.  If the lab hadn't attacked it, it would have killed my little Chihuahua.  I was so shocked and surprised.  But now, I am very careful when I take her outside to do her business.  I stand right next to her and I look up into the sky and the trees and the telephone poles for any hawks, and as soon as she is done, I take her back inside.  So, the answer is, yes, hawks will try to kill and eat little dogs.
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My 7-8 lb pomeranian disapeared out of a very secure small yard. Amongst my other 5 poms.  IT is GONE and no evidence that the dog could have gotten out.  I looked at the sky today and noticed hawks circling up very high in the sky above our neighborhood.
I think a hawk took my pomeranian.  I can't believe this but there is no other explanation.  Why would someone steal one dog...the larger pom..not the prettiest pom. The pom did not like strangers and they would have to chase her to get her. My other poms are friendlier. I think she was taken by a stupid hawk. I live in FL
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I'm so sorry for your loss. :( I am a pom mom too... And my Mina (11 lb pom) was attacked by a hawk this morning, while in the yard with our other 5lb pom. So yes I believe this is possible. Mina lost a lot of blood, but the vet said she is going to be ok. They are keeping her for observation.
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Yes, hawks, owls, and other birds of prey will attack small dogs. They pick these dogs up with their talons and fly to a different location to feed on them. Do not allow small dogs unsupervised or off leash if birds of prey are present. Dusk, dawn,and after dark are the most common times for small dogs to be abducted by birds of prey.
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Well hawks usually eat birds only, but yes they can sometimes harm cats and dogs of very small breeds. If your puppies are quite small, hawks can attack them. So always keep them leashed. Another suggestion is to keep a pet turkey to protect your animals and keep the hawks away. If you bring a baby turkey now, it can drive the hawks away for good, the day it grows up.
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These small animals are food for large birds that prey on them for food and trust me it does not have to be dead for a buzzard to swoop down either it is just that road kill gives off a odor to summons them and that is part of their nature but they find and eat most small animals it is the larger ones they wait for a kill to feast on them...
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Yes, hawks can eat small dogs. One huge hawk came in my neighbors backyard and it was nearly five feet away from me when it came and snatched up a black bird. Luckily my little yorkie was inside safe, but to look at the size of that bird and those fierce talons, he/she could have picked her up just as easily as that bird.
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Get your dogs inside. The hawks will kill and eat them. After a while, they hawks will go away. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Yes, the hawks can and will grab your dogs and take them away. The are birds of prey and anything small like that they are able to grab up. Keep the dogs close to you at all times, while the bird is flying or preying about. Smaller dogs are often food for larger owls as well.
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Thanks for the information. Just recently moved to semi-country, many acres of fields surround me. I have 3 Lhasa apso's ,all under 15 lbs' we were out walking yesterday, this large shadow zoomed across us - it caused the dogs and me to look up.  I stood in awe watching this graceful bird fly around us,, We continued to walk, within 2 minutes a second low flying hawk appeared, again very low with large shadows. This time my sense of protection kicked in and I scooped up all 3 dogs and got them inside quickly..  After reading feedback, I think a tragedy almost happened,,.  Will a bird of prey attempt to attack an animal on a leash?

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21 May 2014 - I live in an lovely area in Toronto, a major Canadian city called the Beach and I've had my 8lb chihuahua preyed upon twice by a large bird of prey - a hawk. It didn't take it on each initial swoop, luckily. The first time this happened it swooped low over him out of no where! It then soared back to attack. I was able to get to my dog before the bird. And the second time, it came from out the trees, swooped close and then perched on a street lamppost to observe for the second attempt where I was able to get to the dog as well. I now ensure I keep him around thick tree'd areas when off leash. Both these occasions he was playing in an open grass field. Additionally I've discovered these birds migrate in my region from August to September. The first attack was in mid-August and the second a year later in September. I will not ever forget these happenings it is a reality and one to be respected owning a small dog.

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