What Kind Of Food Do Chihuahuas Eat?


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I feed my Chihuahuas Innova Dry Food. Chihuahuas can eat just about any dog food any larger breed eats. Just make sure that you stay far away from all of the foods that they sell in Grocery Stores, stores like Walmart, or some foods sold in Pet Stores. I'm talking about commercial dog foods like Purina, Pedigree, Iams, Science Diet, Alpo, Caesar, Mighty Dog, Beneful, etc.They are all garbage and the worst thing that you can feed your dog. They are very unhealthy for your dog. These foods can cause problems for your dog. If you knew the ingredients they put in this food, you would be disgusted. I would never give any of those garbage foods to my dogs. Here is a link that tells you what ingredients go into commercial dog food, like the brands I listed Some of those foods have been recalled in the past and some have killed dogs. Good High Quality Foods like these listed are what you should be feeding your Chi.InnovaEvo WellnessMerrickTaste Of The WildCalifornia NaturalNatural BalanceBlue BuffaloEagle Pack HolisticChicken Soup For The Dog Lovers SoulFromm
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Just wanted to repost the high quality food.
Innova, Evo, Wellness, Merrick, Taste Of The Wild, California Natural, Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, Eagle Pack Holistic, Chicken Soup For The Dog Lovers Soul, Fromm
The list looked a little scrambled in my original answer, so I'm reposting these foods again.
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Just about anything the big dogs do but only in much smaller portions
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Chihuahua's tend to have bad teeth even without soft food and plenty of regular brushings  :-).  A good diet which is proper to your breed and their needs and growth. Fewer vet bills, allergies, poo, a shedding, and a longer healthier life are all benefits to us when we feed a higher quality food. Try to find a holistic food with little to no chemicals (make sure there don't use things like ethoxyquin which is a rubber stabilizer), preservatives, and fillers. Dogs and puppies also do not usually do well on food which has corn as an ingredient as they tend to be VERY allergic to it. Avoid most (if not all) of the more commercial foods like Old Roy, Kibbles and Bits and Science Diet (unless prescription and even then many people find their pet does MUCH better on a different natural food).   Here's a site with information, ratings and reviews so you may be able to find one you like near you. I feed Innova (NOT evo as my dogs do not handle protein well and many are prone to bone and joint issues like dysplasia). So their diet and activities (and levels) are very important during the growth period to avoid aggravating those conditions with accelerated growth and improper or too much activity.  - Most if not all of the foods here were not involved in the food recalls at all thanks to the higher quality of the food and the companies that make them. Great site with information, reviews and ratings.     Here's some articles and information:  - this one names a few names - what might you really feeding your pet when you buy commercial dog foods?  - a basic rundown of many brands, companies, and manufacturers. Identifies many companies that have been involved in recalls.   

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