What Is The Personality Of A Chihuahua Toy Terrier Mix?


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Fun, Loving, Funny . Won't need a lot of exercise. It  will probably be a 1 owner dog, ( by that , I mean it will be close to only one person in the family. It will tolerate and be nice to the other members, but it will have a favorite person that it loves way over the others in the family . If you want that 1 person to be you - you feed it, play daily with it and walk it )  . It will Not be real good w/ kids,  Not Good AT ALL around Little kids.  It will be very small so you'll need to keep a close eye on it.  Don't let it jump off high things or it will break a leg.  Sometimes alittle hard to potty train.  They are fun dogs though and will make you laugh a lot.  Put clothes on it and they are SO_O cute !    Have fun  !
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I have a little angel of that breed and she is fond of mostly 1 person but will love any1 who gives her food or attention =]

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