I think my staffy dog has gone into labour, she has been pacing all day and heavily breathing, also had mucus discharge from her privates, but now everything seems to have stopped, what do i do? She seems very restless and cannot get comfortable,


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Hopefully everyone has arrived and are thriving by now. If not and you haven't called your veterinarian yet, you need to. What sort of mucus? Hope everyone is doing great right now, will you please update. Don't forget your post whelp exam to be sure everthing went as well as it should. Good Luck.
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She probably had her puppies when as you say "everything seems to have stopped", and they are hidden somewhere, and she's probably restless and uncomfortable because she's worrying about her babies. I think you have no need to worry, and that you will see the puppies soon.
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Well I think you have nothing to worry about.
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Docdan, they should be monitored during whelp. It's necessary. The description was a toss up of whether it was a more normal progression or there really was reason to be concerned and more details needed to lean one way or the other. IE; were there contractions, how long, description of fluid, dark green or black or anything ect. Any of those could indicate a prob. If there is complication that isn't recognized or assumed normal and they need assistance or a C and O waits, they could die.
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Okay, Thank you!

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