Why Does My Dog Bites Me But No One Else?


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This could be authority problem you and your dog have, I would recommend training class ect. However you don't have to go down this road, There are simple things you can do to show you are boss, even though they seem simple and almost irrelevant I have done it all with my dog and it makes all the difference:Don't allow him upstairs (proves you are higher than him/her having restrictions on the dog)  Making him/her stay still for a few seconds before he/she gets food (turns the food into an award rather than a delicacy) if he/she doesn't stay still, put the food on the counter sit the dog back in the place he/she originally was before the dog moved to get the food and put the food down again, remembering to add in commands such as "stay" and "go on then" they don't have to be these exact words just anything that will make sense to you But back on the subject of the biting, Tap him/her reasonably hard on the nose immediately after the dog has bitten you, if you wait even a minute the dog will not know what the punishment is for and therefore the punishment must be instant a tap on the nose my seem hard for you if he bites you as its obviously very close to the nose so a reasonably harsh tap on the dogs thigh area on his/hers hind legs will suffice but you do have to be careful, you may be pissed at your dog but letting that into your punishment can make you hit your dog harder, there is a fine line between giving your dog a punishment for a bite and hitting your dog too hard, you don't want to hear a squeal and yelp from your dog otherwise you are hitting him/her way way way too hard. All you want is tap hard enough for them to look back and you will see the body posture is if he/she is thinking " Holy Cow I shouldn't have done that" when you get the sort of body posture from your dog you are getting it right Congratulations!!

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