If A Dog Bite You What You Will Do?


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Molly Smithee answered
Here is an article on dog bite first aid that may help.  If you are attacked by a dog, you want to first assess your wounds and then see if you can find out anything about the dog and who might own it.  Call the police immediately after the incident to report it.  Doing so may keep other individuals from being attacked as well as aid in finding the owner in case the injuries are so severe you are considering taking actions against him or her..
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Bite them back(ear),grab them by the throat,punch them in the nose.....go to doctor and be treated and bring the dog with me in case of rabies..then sue the owner for my bills and damages...that's my 2 cents...
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Kelly answered
DO NOT listen to nomad that is just being cruel and a bit lost by the head just check to a doctor if you have rabies and get medication if you do.
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I agree with nomad1 this mydogrox77 is a pretty stupid person if a dog is biting you don't just sit there and take it do something if you have to bite it do what you got to do
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Clean wound with soap and water asap! Bandage and seek medical treatment.Get all vaccine info., if possible. If rabies info. On dog not available, go to emergency room for possible rabies innoculations.

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