I Have Found Drops Of Blood From My Cat. She Is A 19 Year Old Siamese Cat. What Could It Be?


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Alison Turner Profile
Alison Turner answered
I would go and see a vet if you can afford it. What seems to be a small thing to us can be something major thing in a cat what goes against you cat is her age. You could try ring your vet and ask to speak to them on the phone they might be able to help.
Karen Conway Profile
Karen Conway answered
This happened to my cat 2 months ago. I took him to the
emergency vet because he was peeing blood. It was a urinary
tract blockage. It could of been life threatening if I didn't take
him. Foods high in magnesium and my well water caused it. He
is on a prescription food now and distilled water and doing great! I'd take your cat to the vet right away. Don't delay.
Any kind of discharge of blood is not normal.
Ashley Something Profile
I'd also take you cat to the vet. Thats odd for a cat. If it gets really bad then you must take it for sure

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