My Cat's Cheek Area Is Swollen With No Signs Of A Scratch. What Could It Be?


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What are the possible reasons why my cat's cheek area is swollen?

The only possible suggestion I can make is that your cat has an abscess, which might have the potential to cause serious problems if it is not looked at quickly by a qualified vet.

A vet will be able to investigate what is causing the swelling  and establish whether it is an abscess or not - and can treat it quickly if it is. Either way, a swollen cheek will be causing your cat a great degree of discomfort, so it needs prompt treatment.

  • If there is an abscess on your cat's tooth or somewhere else inside its mouth, then the vet will be able to drain it of the blood and pus.
  • If the swelling has become too large, the abscess is in a difficult spot, or is especially serious, then the vet may have to perform emergency surgery to remove it from the cat's mouth.
  • Abscesses in cats can be very serious, so make sure you take your cat to the vet as soon as possible!
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Sounds like an abscess (infection) of the tooth which left untreated can go into the brain and kill. Get her to a vet - fast!

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