My Cat Takes Lactulose A Stool Softener, Is There A Herb Or A Food Substance That I Can Give Her Instead? She Has Suffered From Chronic Constipation. She Is A 15 Year Old Cat.


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If your cat suffers from constipation, there are many natural remedies that could help. There are many ‘human foods’ that are perfectly fine to feed to your cat, so think about anything that a human would eat to help with constipation. Breakfast cereals that are rich in fibre can help a great deal if your cat is prepared to eat them. If your cat will not eat cereal, you can crush it up and mix it with their regular food and it is more than likely they will not know it is there. A cereal such as Branflakes or anything else which contains whole fibre is ideal.
Plenty of fluids can also help with constipation but it can be difficult to encourage an animal to drink when they do not want to. Some animals like to drink out the palm of their owner’s hand, directly from a running tap or hose or some kind of drinking fountain could encourage them. Drinking fountains for cats can be bought and mixing lemon juice or honey into the water is also a common method to ease constipation. You may need to begin with an extremely small amount to ensure your cat will drink it. Wet, tinned food also has more water in it so you may find that this is easier for them to digest and there are specialised cat foods which are specifically designed to ease constipation.
As for natural medications, there are many on the market which could help. Mineral oil is known to help cats and can be mixed with their food as can the herbs Psyllium husk, Senna, Cascara sagrada, and rhubarb  which can be purchased over the counter and can offer relief.
If nothing helps, it is best to speak to your vet who may be able to offer an alternative option or even some other medication which can help.
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Yes, canned unsweetened pumpkin. It may take 2 days. But mix it in with her regular wet food. Also, possibly change her wet food to something more digestible for her. Wellness canned food is very good and tasty.
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You can try the urinary tract food, it also helps with the pottying. Also, if you want, you can get a can food, and crush a metamucil pill, or something to that sort, up in her food. That might help.
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Lactulose is a first line therapy for recurrent, chronic constipation in cats.  Increasing the amount of water intake daily will help prevent constipation.  Canned food has more water in it that dry--switch you cat to a canned food diet if your cat will eat it.  Some cats really like to drink from running water sources--get a circulating water fountain for your cat to drink from.  If hair is a large component of your cat's feces use a daily hairball remedy.

Ann Falk, DVM
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My cat is 24 years old and has suffered from constipation.  The vets gave her many enemas but nothing worked.  My niece had a cat that they put to sleep because of constipation.
What I do is I use mineral oil.  About once a week I put about 1 teaspoon in the palm of my hand and she laps it up.  She loves it.  If you try this, and it does work, just be sure that your cat doesn't sniff any up her nose when she first sniffs it.  I pull my hand back a little bit.  If your cat won't lick it up then you can mix it into her food.
Good luck.
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24...WoW... you're evidently doing everything right!
Good advice... you could also use a fish oil product like cod liver oil or Lipiderm for added nutritional benefit as well... it will be more expensive, but the amount you’re using is so small one bottle will last you a good looong time.
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I give our cats lactulose also
I also crush up some cheerios (fiber) into powdered form
mix with the wet food and add extra water to the mixture.
This helps
it all helps
I don't think there's any one answer.
What about branflakes crushed up?
Good luck

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