I Found A Long, Thin, White Worm In My Cat's Water. What Could This Be, And Where Would It Have Come From?


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What is the long, thin, white worm in my cat's water bowl?

This sounds to me like a horsehair worm, which will not pose any risk at all to your cat. This type of worm cannot infect your cat or indeed any other form of domestic pet.

Adult horsehair worms live independently, whilst their larvae live on hosts such as beetles, cockroaches, orthopterans, and crustaceans.

  • Horsehair worms live mostly in damp places, and this is why this particular one was found in your cat's water bowl.
  • Even though they do not pose a risk to your cat's health, you should remove them from any water anyway.
  • If you're concerned that it might be a more serious problem than horsehair worms, then by all means get your pet checked out by the vet.
  • If it is another species of worm, then a course of medication can be prescribed for treatment straight away.
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It is just a horsehair worm. Not harmful to you or your cat at all.

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