My Dog Had A Couple Of Drops Of Blood In Her Urine This Morning. Now There Is Nothing. She Is In No Pain, Eating Well, And Very Happy. Should I Worry?


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I agree--the first thing to do is have your dog examined by a veterinarian.  Your veterinarian will test your dog's urine to look for infection--this can be a common cause of bloody urine and inappropriate urination.  Infection can be the primary culprit or can be a secondary finding to another disease.
Bloody urine can also be caused by bladder stones and kidney infections.
The increased thirst may be secondary to an infection but can also be seen with kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, a hormonal disease called Cushing's, and several other less common things. 
Pending the urinalysis results your veterinarian may want to run blood tests to rule out these other diseases.
Hope this helps!
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My pug is pregnant and I saw her urine has blood clots, is this something to worry about?... She is pregnant for 4 weeks now.
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Yes worry, unless you give your dog heart worm medicine each and every month there is a high probability your dog will contract heart worms, which is fatal unless treated, it cost me 2,400.00 to have my two dogs treated. They did have blood in their urine, then in their poop, then began vomiting blood, also they began to have a cough. In any case, blood in the urine is not normal and a sign of illness, maybe even a urinary tract infection. Good luck hope your dog will be ok.
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When It happened to my dog I called the vet right away to see if it was something serous they told me basically what everyone else said. It could be a UTI or she may have scratched herself but to get it checked out because it could be something worse. However, my vet had me take my dogs urine sample my self in a disposable container and take it in with out needing to take my dog there so your vet may be bale to do the same for you.
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I don't think you should but if you are that worried you can go online and see if you can find something.
And if you continue to see more blood I suggest you take her to the vet just for safety.
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I would probably contact your vet about that. The most common causes of blood in the urine are urinary tract infections, stones and trauma but either way, you'll need a vet to deal with any of those problems.
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If it was a one-off I wouldn't worry; she may just have scratched herself. Make sure she has plenty to drink at all times, and if it recurrs take her to the vet
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Could be a UTI but I'd get her to the vet right away.  There is a vet on this site, she might be able to help.  AnnFalkDVM would be the one to get the right advice from.
Good Luck-

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