What Is The Maximum Height Of A Full Grown Tiny Micro Teacup Pomeranian?


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A Pomeranian isn't anything other than a Pomeranian no matter whether they weigh 2 pounds, 12 pounds, or 20 pounds. The ideal show weight is 4 to 7 pounds (AKC). There isn't any such thing in any breed. No teacup, no micro, no pocket, and very few breed's actually come in 'mini' or any of the other made up sales terms. It is recommended to stay far away from anyone using these term's if your looking. No matter what way you look at it it doesn't bode well for you or your new pup. They either lack in morals and ethics or knowledge in most cases and neither is one to get a new companion from and both will reflect in a breeding program. A responsible, knowledgeable and ethical breeder may have dog's likely to be very small adult's but will NOT use those terms and they will explain what you are in for as far as the additional care and lifespan aspects. Either the dog will be very small and is likely to have ton's of big health problem's (poor breeding practices in general producing the more unhealthy smaller pups or a possible health issue like a liver shunt contributing to the size), need a lot more care and constant supervision, and have a much shortened lifespan or they end up average or larger than average size. The saying goes "The smaller the dog the bigger the vet bills".

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