What Is The Average Weight For A Teacup Yorkshire Terrier At Full Growth?


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About 3.5 lbs.

Keep in mind that any female Yorkie under 5 lbs in weight is considered unsuitable for breeding -- even with another teacup Yorkie. It would be considered irresponsible and life-threatening to even try. So do spay a girl dog as soon as the Vet advises.

Teacup Yorkies are very susceptible to a large range of health problems because of their diminuative size; you may want to look seriously at health insurance for your pet.

"Normal" size Yorkies are usually about 6 lbs in weight, with 4-7 lbs being considered normal for the breed. Teacup (miniature, Mini Yorkies, etc.) are usually 2-5 lbs in weight. Dogs under 3lbs are especially prone to health problems.

Technically there is no variety as the teacup Yorkie. Not recognised by the AKC, for instance. A lot of conventional breeders frown strongly on the teacup dog idea. Breeding such small dogs is seen as unethical and unkind to the animal. You will have to be braced for disapproval and condemnation from many people just for owning one.
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4 pounds
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I rescued a 4 pound female yorkie. Today Gracie was spayed and had dental work and her shots are up to date. She had sarcastic mange and was malnourished while running loose. May the folks who mistreated her NEVER get their hands on another dog. Everywhere I go ..Gracie goes too. She has a neat dog carrier and is welcome where ever I go.
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I just got a yorkie yesterday!
I love her so much and shes so cute!
Her mom was 7 lbs and her dad was 8 lbs. She is 3 months and 3 lbs. Right now.
She should be 5 lbs. Full grown.

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