My Dog Is 56 Days Pregnant And Has Diarrhea. Is That A Sign Of Labor?


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If my dog has diarrhea when pregnant, is this a sign that she might be going into labor?

No, diarrhea is not commonly associated with the onset of labor, but it does not signify any problem with the mother dog either.

At this late in your dog's pregnancy you should monitor her carefully and look out for any of the following signs of labor:

  • Pregnancy usually lasts anything between fifty six and sixty nine days, depending on the breed.
  • Your pet's cervix will begin to dilate and contractions begin. This is the first stage of labor.
  • At this time, your dog will appear restless. She will begin pacing around, shivering and panting.
  • This stage could last anything between six and eighteen hours and, during this period, it is important to keep your dog in a quiet and calm environment.
  • The second stage of labor begins when the water has broken.
  • The placentas are then ejected following each puppy, or just randomly, during this stage of labor.
  • Expect the puppies to arrive approximately every half an hour. Sometimes, the mother dog can take a rest of anything up to fours hours between puppies!
  • The third stage of labor follows the birth of all the pups. This stage is characterised by the ejection of any remaining placentas or fluids.
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No. But keep on an eye on it, she might get dehydrated.

Before a dog goes into labour, it will try to find a quiet spot and stay there. It might go outside and dig a hole in the ground about 1 or 2 days prior to going into labour.

If it is very cold outside, do not let her sleep there, as she might go into labour in the middle of the night and it might be too cold for her and the puppies.

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