My Dog Is Pregnant And It Hasn't Been 60 Days Yet And She Is Bleeding. The First Day She Started Bleeding The Blood Was Brown. Now It's Been Five Days, The Blood Is Now Red. I Have A Kobe Pit Bull And This Is My First Time With Dog That Going Though, What Should I Do?


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I would feel safer if you would get her to your VET, normal gestation is 63 days, however she could be having some problems.  Better safe than sorry.

Also it would really be helpful to her if you were feeding her puppy chow, she will need the extra nutrition that puppy food will provide.

Hope I have been of some help to you.

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Call your vet. Ask them if you should have her looked at. She shouldn't be bleeding if shes not in labor, there's a chance that she is losing or has lost the puppies. Its important for her to see the vet, if the puppies are still born she may not be able to birth them and they will cause a dangerous infection. Take her temperature, you will have to do it thru the anus, if its high, call the VET immediately. You could have the days wrong? Do you know for sure she was bred so many days back? Over all, the best for her and the puppies is to have her taken or have the vet come to your house.  
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Hi my friend,
  Watch it carefully..take care of it day and may litter at any time...usually the time is 63 to 65 days.wait patiently still a day.....blood leakage are good symptoms of litter of puppies...

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