How Long Does A Female Cat Stay In Heat?


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Heat cycle in cats can starts from 5 -12 months of age with an average of 6 months. Heat cycle in cat is repeated many times one season. Cats can have 3-4 estrus periods every year. Every estrus period in cats can last for 2-3 weeks. Heat period can be of just four days if female  is bred and 7-10 days in case of unsuccessful mating.  Heat period in cats can reoccur after two or three weeks if matting was unsuccessful. After giving birth, cats can have heat period again after 1-6 weeks.

First stage of heat period in cats is proestrus in which females are attracted by males but females are not interested in males. Second stage is estrus during which mating takes place. After the mating,  3rd stage starts that is called diestrus. Fourth stage is called anestrus that is a period of no attraction for males. Fifth stage is nonestrus that is a period for hormonal activities.

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