Do Female Cats Spray? I Know Males Do. Just Wondering. How Do You Get Them To Stop?


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2 out of 3 of my females have sprayed. The best way to stop them from spraying is getting them spayed. After I got all my cats fixed both of the sprayers have stopped and they have never done it again. I was told by the vet that if they do continue after being fixed then that might mean a bladder infection.
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I have never had that problem with female cats as far as I know they don't, males on the other hand have backed right up to a chair or couch and sprayed, we couldn't get the smell out so got rid of the furniture and the male cat!
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Yes, female cats do well as males do..If your not going to breed them its best to get them fixed for that reason.
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Hello ReeRee08, I would have to say some female cats do spray and I have not ran into something to work on the smell I have had my little comfy chair outside for months after scrubbing it and it still still still smells. 
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Wat you need to kill the amell is a product with a biocidal cleaner in it to kill the germs that kills the smell
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I have found that if you use apple cider vinigar it takes the smell out and the animals dont want to use it as a potty anymore
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My vets told me that using bleach and household products to get  rid of the spaying smell will only make the cats think its more wee so then they'll re spray the area! She said to mix warm water and biological washing powder to treat the area.
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My female  cat sprays ,but  never  around  the  house ! But  males  can do and again mainly  outside? Never  been able  to stop it ?
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These are my crazy sisters outside cats..they spray on everything..Its gotta stop!!!LOL
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I have a male that marks everything.  Up on my counter and floor and every where.  If I fix him wil this stop the  peeing on everything. Help I am about the find new homes or put them down. Please I need all the help I can
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I had the same problem with my male, whenever I caught him at it I would immediately rub my hand it the spray patch then rub it in his face whilst telling him off very loudly. After a couple of these treatments he's never done it again in the home but you got to catch him red handed or should that be red bottomed??.  Sorry I cannot condone putting the animal down just because they no longer fit with the owners change of lifestyle there are plenty of rescue centres that with take them or just keep him outside in a purpose made shelter if you do not want them in the home.
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Yes, usually when they have issues like stress. But they cannot reach the height that the male sprayer can.
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Female cat DO spray and often more than any male when they're in heat which is often It is best to get your females spayed for that and many health and behavioral reasons and there isn't any good reason to breed the average cat. Cats are also very prone to urinary tract issues so it should be checked out in case that's a reason and they should be spayed.
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My female cat only sparys when she is in heat no other time.why does she do it then.

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