Are kittens adorable?


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Yes, kittens are adorable, because they are so cute.
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They are really cute!!
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Absolutely they're adorable .. And they're hard work and a lifetime commitment (16 years+)!
A kitten will soon become ...a cat!
If you have an adult cat and you get a kitten, make sure you spend plenty of time with your older cat so he/she doesnt feel neglected.
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Yeah I had a cat for more than 18 years (well she was a family cat), but she sadly died last year. I am trying to convince my parents to get a new kitten
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Totally. I don't think I've ever met anyone that didn't think kittens were cute, even if they didn't like cats much. It's so sad that so many kittens get put to sleep before they even get to begin their lives really just because so many people don't fix their pets and they have kittens and there are just way more kittens and cats than there are homes. They outnumber us by something like 50 to 1. Two unaltered cats that produce offspring can result in over 400,000 more cats/kittens in about 7 years time if unchecked and not altered. If you do get a kitten remember that they grow into cats quickly so you have to want a cat for the next 16 to 20 years or so and not just a kitten for a short time and definitely to spay/neuter.

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