My Kitten Has A Maggot In Her Head, What Should I Do?


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The kitten needs to see the vet. The longer it is put off the higher the bill is likely to be as the damage done and condition of the kitten becomes worse. They don't just randomly end up with maggots eating them for no reason. The maggots begin to eat them due to decay and dead flesh and cause further damage that gets progressively worse.
The longer it goes on the worse it gets and you have to take care of whatever the reason is they showed up in the first place properly as well as whatever damage the maggots may have caused, usually an infection, wound or injury of some kind, often an infected wound. They also don't always stop at eating just the infected and dead flesh, they can just start eating your kitten period pretty much.
There is also very likely more than one maggot. There is usually more than meets the eye with a maggot infested wound and the sooner a vet is seen, the maggots removed and whatever the underlying cause is taken care of properly the better and the less damage they have an opportunity to do and the better the chances.
Hopefully there aren't that many and there isn't too much damage yet. How many maggots and where they are can make a difference. If the maggots begin to die inside (such as with trying to smother them) that could cause another nasty infection that is likely to be deadly and would add to any vet bills. Your baby has to see a vet. Good luck, hope your baby is all fixed up and feeling much better very soon.
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Sorry you need to over-rule your dad on this one. Your kitten needs to see a vet or is going to become very ill.

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