What Is An English Bulldog's Diet?


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English bulldog puppy should have muscle, bone and joint growth not have obese. For this it is best to feed a 2 to 4 month old puppy 3 to 4 times a day. Be watchful not to overfeed or over nourish the puppy. Try to be familiar with English Bulldog's eating behavior and after that avoid making food reachable all the time to the Bulldog.

If the Bulldog is old and becomes less active then switch to light or low fat Bulldog's food to keep away from obesity.
There are many good foods available in the market like

• Natures Choice
• Royal Canine
• Wellness
• Natures Recipe

Stays away from foods that have lots of fillers and preservatives and try never give soybeans or soybean oils to English Bulldog because these are very difficult for them to digest.

Most Bulldogs love the taste of yogurt and cottage cheese and this is also good for bone growth and digestive system. For adult Bulldogs canola oil or corn oil are extremely good for their coat and skin. Vitamin C as supplements is also good for them. Fresh water should be accessible all the time.
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We give Natural Choice, Lamb and Rice Formula, For Puppies / Large breed to all of our English bulldog puppies. This food is 100% natural and has all the ingredients a growing bulldog needs to grow strong and healthy. In addition, Lamb and Rice formula keep the gas level down :)

It is very important to change the food gradually!!!!!
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I was looking for the proper diet for my female english bulldog that just went into heat

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