My Dog Has Obsessive Hunger And Bad Diarrhea, What's Wrong With Him?


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This could be many things:

1. The hunger is because the dog is growing, and the diarrhea is because it is being fed too much: If your dog is a puppy, feed it a puppy dog food, but make sure you don't overfeed it.

2. Human food: If you are giving your dog human food, it can cause the dog to get diarrhea. At the same time, since the dog likes the food, it is always willing to eat more.

3. Tapeworms: These will take in all the nutrition from the food the dog eats, which means the dog gets hungry again. At the same time, they also cause diarrhea.

If this is not the first two, that is, you are not giving the dog human food and it is not a puppy, then take the dog to a vet to get it checked for worms.

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