Why Does My Nursing Dog Have Bad Diarrhea?


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My nursing dog has diarrhea. Is that normal?

It's perfectly normal for nursing dogs to have diarrhea in the few days following the arrival of the puppies. The mother dog commonly gets diarrhea as a result of eating the puppy's after-births and cleaning her newborns.

If it has been more than a week after labor, and your pet is still having diarrhea, then this could be a sign of infection.

If this is the case, I would strongly recommend you to get your dog checked out by a vet, who will be able to put your dog on a course of antibiotics to fight the infection.

  • Infections in nursing dogs can be very dangerous.
  • They could have a very serious effect on the mother dog during this period of vulnerability.
  • Infections are also easily transferred from the mother dog to her puppies.
  • There are three main type of infection, which are: Parasitic, bacterial and fungal.
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How old are the puppies? I would have her (and the pups) checked out by your vet.

It is possible she has an infection of the uterus from a piece of placenta being left behind during the birth, or a gastro infection.

Either way - get her looked at and treated with antibiotics, so she can quickly recover and continue to be the good mummy she is.

All the best.

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