My Dog Cannot Walk And Is Shaking All Over, What Is Wrong With Him?


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Seizure and needs to be seen by a vet. I had a dog that did this and it turned out he had cancer. 

I would walk him and he would run around having fun then just fall stiff as if he was freaked me out to see him come out of it and go on as if nothing. I took him to a specialist and cancer was confirmed. He is at the doggy rainbow now but I gave him the best care possible.

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If your dog cannot walk and is shaking all over, then you need to get off the computer and take your dog to an Emergency Vet NOW! Something is seriously wrong and he needs help NOW! Emergency Vets are open 24/7, so you need to take your dog TONIGHT, not tomorrow or the next day. We cannot tell you what's wrong with him because we are not vets. Only a vet can diagnose and properly treat your dog. I can tell you that these symptoms are a "Big Red Flag"! He may have injured himself and that may be why he's not walking and as for the shaking, it's a sign that your dog is in serious pain. Get off the computer, take your dog and GO!
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Can you help me?
My dog is sick.
He wont get up..only to eat and use the bathroom and then he falls over.
He always stays inside so we had to clean his room and we put him outside for maybe an hour or so and then his eyes were red and his skin to.
Now is is vomitting all the water he drinks back up.
I am very worried for him.
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About a week ago I got a cold, then of course everyone in my family started to get a cold. My cold is gone but today I woke up and my dog was acting not himself. He is a lab and hes about 1 and a half years old. He has been really tired today and has barley no energy. He tries to get up but just  struggles and lays back down. About 10 minutes ago he was tried to get up and I felt him shaking a little. He hasn't went to the bathroom in a while too. Does he just have a cold or is there something else wrong with him. He hasn't had an appiite either

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